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Selected Commercial Credits

'Lungworm’ for Bayer (30 sec) – FCP, Online

‘Football’ for Lending Stream (30 sec) – Premiere, AE, Online

‘Camping’ for Lending Stream (30 sec) – Premiere, AE, Online

‘Best Kept Secret’ for Malomatia (30 sec Qatari TV) – FCP, Online

‘Recruitment’ for Qatargas (30 sec Qatari TV) – FCP, Color, Motion, Online


Selected Corporate Credits

'Crossing Over' for Network Rail (4 min) - Premiere

'Ocensa', 'Dudalina' & 'World Pay' for Advent International (various) - Premiere, Resolve

'Buckingham Gate Films' for Rolls-Royce (various) - Premiere, AE

‘Knightly Apartments’ for Knightly Apartments’ (3 min) - FCP, Resolve, Online

‘Sam Allardyce’, ‘Roberto Martinez’ & Paul Lambert’ interviews for FTB Pro (various) – FCP, AE, Online

‘A Year In The News’ for Rolls-Royce (4min) – FCP, AE, Online

‘Mortgage Free Faster’ for Lloyds Banking Group (6min) – FCP, Color, Online

‘Think About It’ for Roche (4min) – FCP, Color, Online

‘Retail and Offices Films’ for British Land (2x3min) – Color, Online

‘50th Aniversay Film’ for ADMA (12 min) - FCP, Color, AE, Online

‘Get Engaged!’ for Engage for Success (3 min) - FCP, AE, Online

‘Al Shaqab Equestrian Centre’ for QMDI (4 min) - FCP, Color, AE, Online

‘Recruitment Film’ for BT 4 min) - FCP, Color, Motion, Online

‘The Viagra Story’ for Pfizer (3 min) - FCP, Color, AE, Online

‘Backbone’ for Syngenta (2 min) - FCP, Color, AE, Online



‘V & Me' for ARTDELUXE Films (4 min) – FCP, Resolve, Online

'Out of Body Official Trailer' for Superplex Pictures (2 min) - FCP


Music Videos

‘White Count’ for The Battles of Winter (4 min) – FCP, Resolve, Online

‘Dumbpack’ for The Macabre Brothers (4min) – FCP, Color, Online

‘Light It Up’ for Bill Shakes (4min) – FCP, Color, Motion, Online

‘The Show Is Over’ for Kenny Thomas (4min) – FCP, Color, Online

‘Your Cover Blown’ for Monument Valley (4min) – FCP

‘Over The Creek for George Ezra (5 min) – Color, Online


Charity Work

‘Social Responsibility’ for Hope Child Africa (5min) – FCP, Resolve, Online

‘Independence Not Dependence with Fiona Bruce’ for Wherever The Need (7min) – FCP, Color, Online

‘An Interview With Hugh Bonneville’ for FILMCLUB (4min) – FCP, Color, Online

‘Promo/Trailer’ for Lake of Stars Music Festival, Malawi (3min) – FCP, Color, Online



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